An Adolescent Tale

I recall one summer I hadn’t spoken to my friend Jody for almost a month. It wasn’t malicious or anything, I just didn’t ring her house. I was waiting for her to contact me rather than the usual me contacting her. I knew Jody had been hanging out with Rachel. I didn’t care much for … Continue reading An Adolescent Tale

The Woman

The bar was dark and smokey, the people loud and rowdy. Every other Saturday night the local bar has karaoke and anyone who drinks in this town, that is mostly everyone, was there and anyone who didn't drink in this town, that was hardly anyone, was also there. It was karaoke night which means anyone … Continue reading The Woman

Red Light

I walked around Kabukicho, the most disgusting place in Tokyo if I do say so. I walked the streets and observed Kabukicho's red-light district. I mean, I fucking looked around--intensively at the people, the buildings, the type of shops and bars. Naturally my nose scrunched up, my lips frowned, and my eyebrows pinched together with … Continue reading Red Light


He awakes from his dream and sees his wife pull her high wasted jeans over her dark blue thong. He finds it beautiful, the contrast of the navy blue and her porcelain white skin is radiant. She leaves the room to the kitchen where she begins making their lunch. He groggily gets up and follows … Continue reading XXX

The Portal

She found herself looking into a mirror. She was looking, but didn't see herself. She was looking deep, so deep, that if she reached out and touched it she would walk through it. She was looking deep, so deep, that she believed it was an opened door to a better life.  


Meg walks to Hatagaya Station and boards the train heading towards Shinjuku. She is meeting a friend for drinks. Meg, being guarded and a bit cynical,  doesn’t consider the girl a friend, Meg’s only met her twice and both times she found the woman a little uninteresting. She doesn’t want to judge her and honestly, … Continue reading Lone