Secret Smiles

Today was the day he would talk to the girl with the secret smiles. The smiles that made him wonder of other worlds; that made him wonder about her. Most days he’d sit behind her so he could watch her smiles, somedays he’d sit in front of her in hopes that she, too, wondered about him. But today he sits next to her, so that he can ask her about her secret smiles.

It happens as the professor talks about a mundane mathematical problem. She lets out a giggle as well as a secret smile. He never noticed her laugh before.

“Why did you just giggle?” he asks her.

She laughs again and says, “I was thinking about a moment in time.” A moment in time? He wonders.

“Can I hear about it?” he asks her.

“It’s not important…” she blushes.

“It’s important if it makes you laugh, can I hear about it?” he asks again.

She looks him in the eyes and wonders.

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